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Certainly is Bluebird but I had to giggle as my neighbour said her car was 2 years old, I used the DVLA thing and it was registered in 2000 :roll:
Have you seen the latest? You can now snoop on your neighbours to see if they have a car on disability, if they have the government want you to snitch on them if you feel they don't need it by walking normally etc! I am disgusted at the way our personal things are being put on the internet for all t...
I could actually claim esa now with my condition but seeing as I get carers I don't want to rock the boat
<t>Hi Lara not heard of them visiting you at home but that may be a new thing, I waas often called into the Job Centre to discuss getting a job but was then knocked off the list as at the time I cared for 2 people and they realised I didnt have time to work!<br/> the only other thing I can think of ...
Sarah and my hubby both have lifetime awards and I think they should stay that way and not have to have medicals etc, they were deemed disabled enough to get lifetime so that shouldnt change. Hubby just missed staying on DLA by 7 months of the cut off date :evil:
<t>I used to love the Eurovision especially when Johnny Logan won, he was gorgeous but I havent watched it for years, I have seen who won and all I can say is why??<br/> <br/> I watched BGT and thought the 2 young lads were brilliant but what a fix they are already recording artists and have a manag...
My daughter doesnt get the mobility part of DLA which I disagree with as I think she should, but she gets a blue badge, no idea what happens with PIP all I can say is I am dreading it
I know all the music just not seen the film
Sarah has a Hudl and I am impressed with that, in fact I will be borrowing it when I have my liver biopsy as I have to lay still for 2 hours and belive me for me that will be very difficult! I intend to watch 'Frozen' on it as not seen it yet
Her ears are finally up full time