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Put out under Nellie's dustbin (hope i've got it right, first timer here)

I'm caring for a vascular dementia sufferer but who has severe mental health problems as well. Also care for a Bi-polar sufferer too.
<t>First of all a virtual hug for you.<br/> <br/> I know exactly where you are right now.<br/> <br/> I can only speak from my experience. It sounds like you've had some input from the crisis team. I'm not too impressed with my husbands. <br/> <br/> My husband has a brain condition. We don't know if ...
<t>My son uses a nebuliser daily. Often through the nights. It's been going consistently at night through Christmas and the New Year. He coughs and wheezes all night and needs help sitting up. He cannot break the respules, nebules and pour the medications into the nebuliser chamber. He wears a CPAP ...
<t>Hi I'm relatively new here too.<br/> <br/> As there are two vascular dementia carers would it be okay to ask a question? I'm caring for someone with this too. They are in their 40s and we have good days and bad days but it can be very confusing for me to try and stay a step ahead. Do the other ca...
Hi I've only just noticed this post. I'm relatively new here and just trying to find my way around so apologies if I repeat anything already mentioned. You mentioned GF lunches and a few other people have said they are Coeliacs too. First of all meat and vegetables are GF but it's sauces and gravys ...
Thank you. I did actually go into the town centre a while back to try and get an appointment with SS but gave up as the put me on a phone line that wasn't working but I will try again.

It helps when you have people to point you in the right direction.

Thank you