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Such a mess up! Mum had an air mattress and hospital bed. It was set up by the equipment delivery men. It's not the sort of thing you would need to move if you could help it. I too would want to trust the professionals, but even a pair of district nurses who visited left the valve on mum's catheter ...
Yes, it is nice to know one council is checking up.
My neighbour mowed my garden, front and back whilst I've been away. How nice is that?,
I just wanted to post the latest offerings of the South London and Maudsley Recovery College to help us stay well during this crisis. Hope some might find it useful. Hello Students, Colleagues and Friends, We understand how difficult a time this is for everybody, and particularly for people who expe...
Hi Faye, I am pleased your father has tested negative.

Am I correct in thinking that neither the hospital, nor LA has assessed your home yet for what your father will need?

Hope Michael will contact you soon.
The government wants us to get out there and start working again. Expect some outbreaks.

Who only knows how the London Tube , train and buses will be. What did happen to the notion of reducing separation distance from 2 meters down to 1?
BB I heard him on LBS Radio. Pretty good. Looks like I'll be self quarantining on my return.......

Seems like our PM and French president have struck up a gentleman's agreement , Ireland too, but does the virus know not to come over from those countries!?
T shirt coming soon!
Butterfly, I'm sorry you re going through all of this. Some shoes have built in arch supports, and there are inserts as Londonbound said. I wanted to emphasize a point to Michael that, even given that people with coronavirus symptoms require prompt attention, that should not be at the disreguard of ...
Interesting citation by BB. When mum had carers at home, they wanted blister packs to offer mum her meds. I think they wanted to shift responsibility back to pharmacy as to what to offer and when. Also faster for the me and the carers to sort out. Actually, the carers twice pointed out errors in the...