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I agree that urinary tract infections can cause serious mental health issues
I forgot to mention Kindle Unlimited with Amazon Prime membership. Includes some magazines.
I just saw photo of Matt Hancock and his CARE pin. Laughable!
Well said, Cloudygal. xx
So, after ten or so montbs of waiting, I emailed to cancel my first MIND therapy session which was to be a phone call, not even a video link session. Whatsapp and Zoom has worked well in the last few weeks for me but was not on offer through MIND.. The thing that concerns me is that I 've never been...
Cloudygal, I couldn't agree with you more, honestly! The government would have us believe everything is under control! They're very responsive, etc. Somehow, home carers of family members and those others held close need be heard. Hence my badge/sticker comment. Off the wall posting! In desperate ti...
Agreed Patricia. Perhaps we ought to make our own badges , and masks and gowns!

Seriously, Carers UK, why not offer some car bumper stickers and badges for a small contribution, or free even? We need to become more PROACTIVE!
I know people must be thinking, dammed if you do post the latest seemingly positive news and dammed if you don't.

Sometimes it's what is not said, those not included and what actually transpires that count.
I read the government announcement and Ms Walker's positive comments. Michael's announcement was locked so I m having to start a new post. What the government claims to be doing is good as far as it goes. Does this announcement cover carees discharged from the hospital to be cared for at home? Does ...
'Every little helps!'. I say cheekily and from a distance! Did she mention how much? A couple of thousand over five years? That much? I really don't know. It must have been sufficient for the health minister and the ceo to have satisfied their own objectives in part, but satisfy few others. I sincer...