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It will be available to hear and download on lbc catch up for the next week for free.

He's pretty good at getting the word out.
Good morning, just to let you know James O Brien is informing listeners of care home fees and is seeking ideas from callers on how to fix the problem of having to sell house to pay for care!
It sounds like you handled things well and the manager understands your concerns.
Does your MIL have a hospital bed with side panels that weren't in the raised up position? If she had one of those and the sides had been left down, I would remind the agency to put them up before leaving.
Hi guys! After reading of Faye's response from her referral to counseling, I thought I'd report on my status again. Well, it's not good. Although two months ago I heard I'd been accepted, I am still waiting for my first session. Last June I reluctantly agreed to my consultant referring me to MIND, a...
Faye, this is just dreadful. Please inform your doctor who referred you.

As for MIND, I would advise being prepared for a long wait too.
Explains in part what happened with my mother. Thank you.

Unfortunately, in contrast, the consultant in hospice told me when I asked what was going on, "WE DON'T KNOW AND WE DON'T CARE. WE JUST TREAT THE SYMPTOMS HERE!"
I'm glad you found us! Usually one or more of us have our knowledge, opinions and experiences to share. I expect others will be along over the weekend. xx
This mess is crying out for some type of statistical process control. We know the problems of averages, and averages of averages! It's one sorry, finger pointing saga.......