Hi Brian again.Have you ever heard of Benenden Health? My parents used to belong and I just joined this morning and haven't used them yet. For £10.25 a month there are a variety of benefits, including 24 hour mental health phone line to talk about various issues, including bereavement! After 6 month...
My mum used to talk a lot, sensibly i would add. She would answer a question in a round about way and I could see the doctors being frustrated with her. I'm afraid do the same!

Mum always had tissues too but would stuff the in her pockets or up her sleeve.
If you can, show up early this afternoon so you can assess your dad before the social worker comes.
He needs to be assessed for equipment needs, walking frame and he may need a hospital bed. If his bed and bathroom toilet is upstairs, and he is in danger of falling or tripping, he's probably going to need the bed downstairs with a commode. The OT needs to assess the living arrangements and get eve...
Make sure they know that you cannot be with your dad to care for him 24/7 and that he will need assistance (bathing, toileting, dressing, giving meals) and he should have reablement community PT for stroke and fracture that he ought to have had before, and tell them he already had one unsafe dischar...
If you havent already done so I would keep good records as to who said what and when. Initially I hadn't read your post under unsafe discharge, and I still havent read it all.

You must stand firm and insist he gets the proper care.
My experience is that hospitals seek to discharge patients with UTI s as soon as they are off IV antibiotics and on antibiotic tablets.
The Saints have a chance then!
So who are the Saints playing tonight Chris?
The fact that he fell immediately after the first discharge and then was readmitted to a stroke recovery ward also smells of an unsafe discharge. I'd press for a reablement package (at no charge and typically lasts upto 6 weeks but could be extended).