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You can't eat or drink with a mask/ face covering on!
I suppose the main question to ask is what does the hospital, or authority executing the DoL, intend to do with your father, i.e., keep him in hospital, discharge him to live with you or discharge him elsewhere, and the timeframe. Did they tell you during your zoom meeting? What was the outcome of t...
I'd never heard of this before so I found this from MIND which I thought may be more consumer friendly than explanations from the authorities. https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/legal-rights/mental-capacity-act-2005/deprivation-of-liberty/ I haven't read it yet. It seems they are cutting yo...
Well said John and similar thoughts have been expressed on the forum before. You can find some financial info in the organisation's annual reports.
The government of both UK and USA are now focussing on the economy, some might think at the expense of people's health.

I wonder just how long the 2 metre rule will last? In the US they stipulated 6 feet, or 1.8 metres just because Americans don't do metric!
I wonder how many of those told to self-isolate actually are staying home? I watched many of the government's daily updates whilst in California and saw how the government was talking down to the public and conveniently not answering questions. I felt pretty annoyed. I'm staying at my home with my d...
Thanks, Ajay, I hadn't heard of Borrowbox before.
Mum had carers arranged through the LA. I would not have fancied going it alone.
A lot can happen between now and September.......
Dean, The government knows this but then say to get tested IF you have symptoms !