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How are they doing in contacting those 30000 people who may have had contact with someone who tested positive? How many do they need to contact now? Lots, I think.
https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/families-affected-covid-19-care-22188192 Families of loved ones who died in care homes are seeking help from a lawyer who worked on the Hillsborough disaster. Apparent cover-up in cause of death after medical examination?. Who would have thought it! Just to keep...
Put your complaint in writing/email and copy the LA. The care company will need to respond. If you continue to get poor service that affects your caree, then you might need to start a safeguarding case. Keep good records of what happened and when and how it impacted the care of your loved one. It's ...
I expect you are correct Ajay. It may be difficult to track the doctor down to speak with them. And has a carer the right to speak to the doctor about a career? Or vis versa? So much for a circle of caring.
The PM is hardly going to openly publicly admit mistakes anytime soon.

They may reassess, take account of new science, whatever language they might use but they won't say they were plain wrong. Doubt if any party wojld.
Single people need to pick one other household to link up with, as long as no people in the household are shielding. So unmarried couples living apart can link up. It's not as if everyone and anyone can hug and kiss everyone and anyond.
Couldn't agree more. Another one for Michael to discuss with his team.
Perhaps they put them on when the bus arrives?
William, just so you know, you responded to a post from 2018. I don't know how Elizabeth is getting on these days. My mother died in the hospice mid May, 2018!
Maybe the fact that isolating single persons' mental health is suffering. Or because they are feeling sorry for the Imperial College professor who broke the rules by seeing his lady friend?