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Apologies if this has already been vioced elsewhere. I heard on Sky News international edition and their review of British newspapers that nhs beds are to be freed up to make space for coronavirus victims. Specifically, but not exclusively, extended care elderly inpatients would be removed from hosp...
Frankly, resting under your duvet with your cats and bawling your eyes out, may well relieve your stress. Give yourself permission to do that.
Hi Faye, sorry I haven't responded sooner. I suspect your dad really need fast track chic palliative care. Is this what's been offered? How different is the offered care plan to what he used to have? If it's considerably less, what is their reasoning? Is palliative care monitoring his condition - im...
Make sure you count up every minute you spend and be sure to factor in bad as well as typical days in your calculations.
Thank you too, londonbound. I had a diagnosis of Parkinsonism for 23+ years. Then, Guys and St Thomas hospital specialists now believe it's a functional neurological disorder! CBT is often used as is specialist physiotherapy. I do not have any seizures, thankfully. There is a clinical trial, Physio4...
Some helpful links, Sunnydisposition. Thanks!
So sorry to hear your sad news.
Good morning, I would suggest you look at the fndhope.org website and support groups. It would be helpful to see a neurologist with a good understanding and interest in fnd.

Fndhope has regional support groups and have launched a virtual monthly group online.

They do have a Facebook page too.
Wise words.
I'd explore all other options with local authorities before stopping work. Your mother should have had a needs assessment and care plan put in place upon discharge. You need to manage your mum's care, if you choose, rather than attempting to do it all yourself. Please consider your options first. Be...