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Yes, i'm sure they'd market the hole in the ground as a desirable water feature. Since all the trees, dead, will need felling, there'll be far reaching views too. Great opportunity to purchase off plan and artist's impressions. Now taking applications!! :lol:
Sorry, I didn't realise you were caught up in all this. A million or two will not begin to cover damage costs. My house in California was destroyed in one of the forest fires in 2015 and many are still in temporary places, including caravans in the burned areas. I have a whole folder of photos of my...
Wow, Lizzie, On duty at 01:34!!! Happy New Year!
Oh Chris, suppose we have to wait and see some more! I wouldn't mind having some stock in those one eyed companies

Happy new year to all! xxx
Do they propose paying in a percentage of earnings, a standard fee for all, or what? Here's hoping there are no extra premiums, or exclusions required for PRE-EXISTING conditions? That would be an ugly mess! Have they calculated each person's contribution if the annual cost of social care were to be...
Alan, Sincere condolences to you. Rosemary
Melly's post makes a lot of sense to me.
My heart sank, Londonbound, when you described the fall.

They seem to be in denial..
Hi. You simply cant give 100% to everyone! I lived with a diagnosis of PD for 20+ years and reckon I had the symptoms years earlier. Same goes for others I know with PD. At times I found going to a support group (of an informative, supportive nature) to be helpful. Carer's , family members also bene...