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Thank you Maine for explaining about the situation. I hope you can get something sorted out soon.
I agree with Melly. I am reminded of a friend's daughter who stopped taking her epilepsy meds. It can be serious so I'd like him to get some more medicine urgently.
Hi Maine, if your son's condition has deteriorated and it is an urgent situation, could you take him to A&E, or call an ambulance? Perhaps then he'd get some meds to stabilise him and an urgent referral to be reassed? I don't have experience with epilepsy but I was not afraid to take my mother to a&...
I didn't realise the app needed to differentiate between a phone in the hand at 3m versus phone in pocket at one metre! Hardly surprising that Apple would speak out. UK government ought to have known better!

Albert, still time for those protesters to come down with the virus....
Last night I saw a tv commercial for parsleybox.com, a meal delivery company. I have no experience with any of the.
Nice dawg. Decent sized mouth though!

Here's my companion, Millie! Don't get too close!
Sorry, she wasn't upside down when I photographed her!
Sometimes seen at airports.

Time to invest in broomstick makers?!

Only so much one can do.
Mum was given a low dose of this when she was diagnosed with cancer to help with appetite. I suppose when you are gasping for breath, it's proven to be a promising remedy and may not need to be taken for that long. It is all relative.
Sounds similar to what my vet is doing. I'll need to wait outside and vet will collect Millie dog and then talk to me over the phone.

Before I had face coverings bought through Amazon, I folded a tea towel and secured that with a cord.

I soon bought some face coverings !
A couple of months ago I did hear that you could catch the virus if someone with covid stroked the dog and you stroked the same dog a little later on.

Just keep your doggy under control and don't rush to pet other canines. I don't think mine would want to wear a mask so please keep your distance!