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From what I gather, it's often the case that specialists like to get other conditions stabilized before treating FND, functional neurological disorder.
I too would be interested to know about the barriers to physical activity program please.
Good morning Lizzie, thank you and your colleagues for discussing this topic and to you for getting back to me. I am pleased to learn of NHS's Fit2Sit program. My experiences of hospital practices from 2017 left much to be desired. Of course, this program will only succeed if nurses and healthcare a...
Such a delight to read.
Hi Paul, my mother's care agency pulled out after my safeguarding case but was replaced by another by the local authority. Did social services arrange for your previous agency? If so, and perhaps even if they didn't, they ought to provide a substitute.
The pedal exerciser seems like a good way to keep moving. Mum had an Homedics walker exercise thing, electric powered. Very gentle but it did help with blood flow. Sometimes, every little helps..... :(
Welcome to the forum. Christmas is such a stressful time and spreads over through the New Year.

As you can see, there are many good people here. The forum certainly has helped me and continues to.
Hi. I've come a little late to this conversation. You do care but you can't give up your life. As has been said, the hospital wants the bed back and your mum needs a team of care that would not be possible with 4 care visits a day, and supposedly you the 24/7. What you can do is to insist she doesn'...
You mentioned sore skin. Is she on an air mattress and hospital bed? Sounds like she may be prone to developing pressure sores. Those are so painful and difficult to heal. Please make sure the home is taking this sore skin seriously.
Mum developed bedsore in hospital where she was not turned and not on an airmatress. At home, on an air mattress, the district nurses did advise mum being turned and repositioned using pillows. My inclination would be to follow your manager's directions. Are there formal inhouse standard operating p...