I wouldn't want to be one of the first victims after rollout of compassionate robots, so called. I realise it's almost inevitable at some point. But until they have a properly functioning system, how can they expect to write appropriate algorithms?
Very true in the US also. Many cases of people from a PD support group I used to attend were cautioned about having an advocate visit when in hospital. Many stories of not getting meds on time or of bad drug/ anesthetic agent interactions whilst in hospital.
Those Bears are tough. They have to be to survive those Chicago winters!
The Chicago Bears will be stiffer competition I would think!
I'm in no way an advocate for Benenden Health but I just joined today! For £10.25/month, amoungst other benefits, they offer 24/7 mental health phone line for topics including bereavement from day one and counseling after 6 months. Worth a try perhaps? https://www.benenden.co.uk/health/healthcare/me...
Ignorance is bliss!

Did Saints win last night?
I am wondering how Stephen and his mum are doing? Okay, I hope.
Did I miss the section on social care, or, as I suspect, the subject wasn't mentioned?
Hi Brian again.Have you ever heard of Benenden Health? My parents used to belong and I just joined this morning and haven't used them yet. For £10.25 a month there are a variety of benefits, including 24 hour mental health phone line to talk about various issues, including bereavement! After 6 month...
My mum used to talk a lot, sensibly i would add. She would answer a question in a round about way and I could see the doctors being frustrated with her. I'm afraid do the same!

Mum always had tissues too but would stuff the in her pockets or up her sleeve.