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Hi there . I am both glad and sorry about that. Glad because I know I am not alone, sad because I know how bad that is. If you feel the need to offload at any time feel free , it's good to hear how we all manage to get through the days . Keep in touch x
Hi there x how do you feel about that? I Am on 30 mg of seroxat. It takes the edge off. Will you give the increase in medication a go? It can be trial and error , though I think the only help that would work on me is a rubber mallet to the head!!!! Keep me informed as to how you go x
<t>Hi and thanks for all the kind words everyone x It's awful to think of all the suffering out there, and yet there are great people who restore your faith in mankind. Hubby woke me up to tell me he was getting up which means so was I! He's gone back to bed and is sleeping like a baby and I'm up ye...
<t>Hi everyone x. I have just gone through another bad night. I was filling in a form on the computer to try to get help paying the rent . My hubby who has picks disease stood looking over my shoulder ready to tell me what I was doing . I mistakenly asked him to bring me something from the living ro...
Thank you. If you need to offload I am a good listener. As my husband hardly talks now its nice to communicate x
Good. I hope you get help. Try and write down how you feel take it in with you it may help. Is your doctor a good listener? Let us all know how you get on x
Thank you it helped so much. Please keep the comments coming . How much better I feel after reading them x x
Thanks Diana . Any contact with others is so good. I love reading your comments especially as I know you all suffer pain yourselves . Thank you all x
I agree . I really hope things have worked out. This is worrying .
You're right there about keeping a lid on . It feels like standing on a high cliff peering over the edge into the blackness. Scared

But most of us will feel that way ! Heads down keep going !!!