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Hi Sajehar
Thanks for that I am left handed it never occurred to me that it could make it frustrating for the ones we care for. My hubby isn't too bad as yet , it will come I know but I welcome any words of wisdom that gives me an idea of how to cope.
Hi there
Bingo anyone? Maybe it's a bit too early in the day..... But someone must be playing somewhere !! X
Hi there
Wow help for savers..... How can we save when we have next to nothing coming in???????
<t>Hi there tracie<br/> I wish there was something I could do other than talk and offer you support on the forum. <br/> All I can say is I feel bad that you have been in tears . I think all of us on the forum would like to have a magic wand to put everyone's pain and worries in a box and throw them ...
<t>Hi there tracie<br/> Glad at least you are on meds for the intense pain you must be in. It's bad that everything we take reacts with antidepressants to cause some other problem ! Give your body time to adjust . We can feel considerably worse before we feel better , so hang on . <br/> Keep in touc...
<t>Hi Barb x<br/> My situation is different to yours. But I am the same age as you , I care for my husband who has dementia and an elderly mum. My thoughts are don't think too much about the future , enjoy every day with your son wait till he moves. Then give yourself some time. Then you will find p...
Hi Carol and welcome x
You will find a great bunch of folks and good support. Chat away we will be listening x
Hi there tracie

How did you go on at the doctors x
<t>Hi there. Then perhaps it might be time for a change . Talk about it with your doctor. If you are on any other medication he ( she) will know what will or won't work. It seems obvious that if you've been on the same meds for years and don't feel any better something needs to be done . Tell us wha...
<t>Hi tracie all you can do is try . It's rare a doctor would change meds until your a couple of months down the line anyway . I have tried six different types of antidepressant over a period of fifteen years and have only managed without them for about four horrible months. Don't give up - however ...