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<t>Hi there jenny<br/> I'm glad if the" chemicals that are missing" helped any. It was explained to me comparing it to diabetes , if your body for whatever reason doesn't produce insulin then you have to regulate your diet, take tablets, or inject. So it can be with depression, exercise might help, ...
Hi there Kerri
Too true it really sucks!! Some days are horrible but you will have better days just cling on to them. It's good to have a family around you though try and enjoy the time you have with them. Dementia can fill your mind and make us forget others around us . Take care. X
Hi there
To all of us taking antidepressants - all they do is put back the chemicals we are missing. They are not " happy pills" but they help with the mental pain, just as painkillers block physical pain. Stick with them and I really do hope you are feeling a change for the better.
Hi there jenny
Thank you for your kind words they are really appreciated x
Hi there bradstonian
I do have a cat and that does help.you did say something of use- just your reply made me feel better. It's the knowing that someone is out there and cares. Thanks x
Hi there susieq
Thanks for that I will have a look x
Hi there
Does anyone out there have someone with picks disease( bv Frontal temporal dementia) .I would like to know how they cope caring for that person. How they feel, and any help in the form of suggestions they could offer. Thanks everyone .
<t>Hi vicki <br/> Thanks for getting in touch . I too am very lonely. Our lives are totally devastated aren't they? I must be honest I've thought of suicide myself , especially when hubby started to disappear in front of my eyes. I am so afraid , probably others share these feelings? Any time you ne...
Hi Sajehar
Brilliant ! Not a coincidence I'm sure. It's usually the simple things that make all the difference. X
<t>Hi SussexRokx<br/> <br/> Thanks for that. It's hard to remember that.he used to travel from one end of the country to the other. He trained people how to handle difficult situations, ran team building exercises and loved every minute of it . This morning he came downstairs , face covered in shavi...