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Image My apologies for the late reply, I take my hat off to you and that is not meant to be patronising.
p.s. the photo attached to your handle are they rotty's?
<t>Hi Gizmo, As I understand it your Grandmother could be moved not to an"Emergency Institution" but possibly into a ward of a hospital which is for patients with mental health Issues. I do know the Hospitals have wards or a ward set aside for the assesment of patients, as has been previously mentio...
It is true what the poll on the site says George, 42% say the media gives a negative approach.
We have a son in law in Afganistan at the moment just gone back after been home 2weeks r/r, we do not know or hear of half of what is going on.
Iam a real man i wash the dishes without any kind of protective devices us lot in Newcastle are tough. GEORGE = good win yesterday at last still 2 points behind the mags it may all change next week us home to hammers mags away to spurs http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_question.gif Morning George...
Your advise as always is most warmly received Image of course in another place I received some quite interesting comments and they referred to marigolds as well.
Hello, I have come into the forum to ask for advise please. Our dishwasher is broken and will not be able to be repaired due to the bank holiday for at least 9 days. My hands are beginning to look like wrinkled prunes. I have been offered what seems to be some good suggestions, but due to the Data p...
http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif wow yet another good one. We are very fortunate in that we do not pay charges yet. Alice's chemo is done at home via injection. We do have to go to hospital every 4-5 weeks g.p. appointment every 4 weeks. I do know of people who we see on a regular b...
Guilty as charged I always say elderly/ disabled as thats from my view point but if i remember i try to mention young carers and elderly carers of pensionable age looking after younger family members with out the carers allowance . but as you can see from recent government statements the main probl...
It's a valid point about the focus on older people, but I think the thing with that article is that it's written by Stephen Burke who is chief executive of Counsel and Care and they are exclusively an older person's charity so naturally that will be his focus.

Fair comment Matt