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Happy Birthday from me Image
And how much does he get per year
I don't think were are in his league George Image
Sorry I'm late George
Happy birthday to your Mum. Hope she has a nice day
The government have today said they would like to introduce free school meals for all well done but how will they fund it they could reduce child benefit by £7 per child per week but dont think that will ever happen so its the tax payer and dont forget the 10% tax rate has gone so low paid worke...
new router
Sounds painful George Image
<t>Yes I used PALS just recently, I saw a dog walker park his car in a disabled bay and take his dog for a walk and return about 30 mins later. The disabled bay was in a hospital car park!!<br/> They contacted the estates for me and the car Parking contractor. they even phoned me back and kept me in...
I think that it will be a big launch, a few tame carers and a photo shoot, a couple of positive announcements that will benefit very few and the rest, the not so positive and downright negative, will be hidden in verbiage for those of us who make the effort to find out for ourselves. If it's anythi...
.I guess I take internet for granted but of all the various events I went to, so many people have no access to a pc.If we look across all the carer forums and how many actively post, the number is so small.Compare that to the 1000's out there in local centres/groups who daily help others and God kn...
http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/images/icon_smile.gif Hi all its been suggested I share this with you, for some months now I have been having a battle with our town council. Alice has to use a wheel chair the access into shops around the town to put it mildly is ***p. I have been writing to our local pa...
Image I take my hat off to the French people with the way they organise these types of things. People take notice immediatly even Governments