Hi Guys. Got a situation where my Mother's social worker phoned me today whilst he was at my Mother's house, together with her Advocate Support Worker; like I was supposed to mind-read to be there. I told him I was supposed to be informed of meetings. He went on about how the dead-line for my Mother...
PETITION - stop assessments for benefits

https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/st ... ifits.html
Hi guys. i'm struggling with trying to copy and past pictures with quotes ie images, from Facebook onto a forum. There's no problem when I copy and paste them onto my email account, just when I try it onto a forum page the link shows and not the whole content. Can anyone help? I've tried researching...
Maximum 30 day wait for anyone needing counselling for mental health issues -

Hi guys. Please can you to get in touch with your local CCGs and stress the below as vital importance for services to get with the times? As they are hindering patients' survival they have a duty of care for. Thanks. CO-PRODUCTION IN MENTAL HEALTH - WHY EVERYBODY WINS Posted on 20/11/2013 on MIND we...
I can't see how your post 'Chris' has anything to do with what I originally posted.
Should it unsubscribe and remove bookmarks right away? As I did all that some time ago, and it's still there. I just checked the settings, hope that will help. Thanks.
Hi. If by notifications you mean it's on my list of posts; then yes. I don't know why it's on my posts, as it's by Chris from the Gulag. How can I get it removed?
Hi guys. I've got a topic called
Care Act 2014: should/could/would Care Act 2014????? by Chris from the Gulag
. How do I go about removing it? As I didn't start it.
Hi there. I've heard you can get a Personal Health Budget for mental health support not available on the NHS. I've tried to access one, to no avail, even though I've struggled with anxiety + depression for many years, I don't fit the criteria. Has anyone applied and succeeded in getting a Personal H...