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I'm sorry Chris, I missed your thread. This money is paid to ATOS and Capita and the Tribunals for reassessment and appeals of which 70% are successful. Which means the original assessments were wrong. 70% shows how rubbish the assessments are. So by trying to cut people out of PIP to save money is ...
As we know this is about taking public funds and placing them in the pockets of the shareholders of these service company corporations.

https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news ... faretrends
Shades of 2009 re-revisited ... CarerWatch days ... and the work some of us put into the argument for taking family / kinship carers OUT of the then current benefits system ... by creating a separate category emboded in a " Carers Charter. " All for nothing some 10 years on ... carers back in Unive...
I guess it boils down to WHY they are begging in the first place! Is the UK truly a place where someone will starve in the gutter if the public don't give them money? Maybe I'm just being smug middle class naieve etc, but surely those who beg 'want' to beg - as in, they are rejecting all other 'sta...
Colin it may well have been?However I have my doubts to be honest. The magazine looked rather dog eared. Another way of making easy money. I'm not unkind, and give the benefit of the doubt. Equally I'm not a fool to fall for every sob story. He didn't have a big issue bag,or the gilet that's provid...
Ive been watching the sneaky blighters sliding in a vote before Brexit. Another cut for a group of the poorest members of society. A £7000 cut will be catastrophic. Does this cut also apply if either of the two is a carer to the other one? Where the younger is the carer or the older one is the carer.
It's an emotive subject isn't it. Some in Birmingham are obviously homeless. In shop doors trying to stay warm under damp sleeping bags, duvets coats etc. Not all beg, just sit there spaced out. I'm not going to judge as to why they are obviously addict's, and to be honest wouldn't approach them no...
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:18 pm
Ssssh ... you'll wake my chosed avatar up ... you'll won't like him when he is awake !


Resign ?

What a good idea ... ?
My alter ego is best left quietly slumbering.
The angry bear. :lol:
Like Motability bosses sitting on £200 million of unspent funds? Big bonuses for what? I checked out the monthly cost of a basic Motability Ford fiesta diesel automatic through Motability and I compared it to the monthly price of a 3 year business contract including all the same things as a Motabili...
Chris, under the incoming IOT (Internet of things), everything must be tagged, measured, quantified, monitored and digitised. That's so the whole world can be "managed" by an AI. That's the plan, but thankfully I'll be long gone by then.