The first question is. How old are you, because that is important to the eligibility criteria.

Have cab given you any advice yet?
I am glad to say that the question has been asked on the BBC politics show today, so now it is out in the open that pensioners need to know the answer. When politicians make up policy "on the hoof" they should realise the implications for the public don't you think? Or as we used to say in the good ...
Have you any Animal Rescue Charity shops in your district?

Ask them to put an advert in their window.
Secondly the medical practitioner s. Treat carers like Mushrooms,

They keep us in the dark and regularly pour a bucket of manure all over us.
The Lib Dems bus is very close to falling off the cliff
They should send weekly invoices, I would think?

When my auntie went into hospital the social worker asked if she had made a will and whether I knew the details of it
Does anyone know what the income requirement may be set at for eligibility for the revised winter fuel payment please?

I get state pension plus pension from a previous employer