It is like going back to the 1920s and 1930s

My grandfather was a Dock Clerk on the Liverpool docks, and barefoot children would wait at the dock gates as the dockers finished work.

They would ask them whether they had any of their packed lunch remaining to give to the children
Was the MP any good?
It sounds as though Social Services are colluding with the care home over these spurious extra costs.

No wonder so many care homes have closed over the last five years.
When talking to my auntie with dementia, I believed in the White lies principal, but my daughter tried o be honest most of the time.
But in the circumstances of dementia, I believe that Honesty causes Anxiety
It used to be called "foraging for supplies"
That explains a lot more.

I wondered at first whether the military vehicle had the nickname of "pig". As a British army vehicle was called a Humber Pig
Did you build the ."tractor unit"yourself or is that. An already made item?

Are you intending to add more figures?
Ask your bank for the reference number on the payment, it may contain your daughters National Insurance number as a clue
There should be a ether from the DWP informing your daughter of the terms of her PIP award

Look for a brown envelope from DWP
I think that the Daily Mail took a different angle at this related story about the UNISON action on legal aid for Employment Tribunals.

As you may imagine the Mail took an extreme right wing attitude with a headline about the Gravy Train