You can use the Post Office to pay chequers into some accounts
How has it affected your monthly income though?
It was started by an ex social worker, who probably regrets staring it in the first place? :-???
What will happen when more branches close over the next five years?
I think I can understand why carol might be giving those type of replies.

If she is repeatedly getting knocked back by government agencies or local government, with loads of forms and questions, and doctors receptionists for that matter.
Will we ourselves be like that one day? :-???
The trouble is the way the DWP currently communicates with the public. Mostly over the telephone, and then there can be a long wait before you get connected, then there seems to be a "time out". After birth minutes.
Most of the old DHSS offices have closed and been sold off.
Another thing which is talked about is cross generational interaction.

Maybe young people who want to go not caring or Nursing may volunteer to visit older people to get some insight, possibly?
When my dad was trying to get out of France in 1940, they were on a goods train heading to the coast at St Nazaire. I wonder what arrangements were made for meals?
Mine is th 9th of October

Many famous people have this birth date

I have a feeling many people plan to start having a baby just after January the first.