In fact, they tell all sorts of lies in order to wriggle out of accepting any blame when things go wrong, in my experience
Lot ties favourite words are all food related, such as biscuit
They need to complete the amounts before you can sign it
Has anyone suggested ECT therapy may help him?
Have you been given any information on how to help him recover by the team who treat him?
They are vilified because they do Not listen to people, and they often do MORE arm than good.

And they very rarely apologise when they get things wrong.
And I very much doubt that the call handlers have adequate training or knowledge
PIP is the replacement benefit, basically speaking, for the benefit previously known as DLA.

Is it the DWP who have told you this thing about caring, and did they put it in writing?
I have just been reading an article about Flintshire county council in the daily post. Apparently a number of cases referred o them get marked as "No further action" The question remains though "Do they tell the subject of the referral that NFA will be taken". And do they tell the referring agency w...
My best friend is a retired Guide Dog and she is very very clever.

But I am sure most dog owners have a great rapport with their animals