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How will he react to security and X-ray machines?

Sometimes they select people to have their photo taken going through security, how will that make him feel?
For the avoidance of doubt could you please clarify what you mean by
"BPD" as I don't know whether you mean Bi Polar or not?
You also need to ask your mother if she knows when she will reach Retirement Pension age?
You need to know your mother National Insurance number.
Ask your mother to write to the DWP to request tat nominee be changed to you, or she could request that the money could be paid into a different account
ESA. Employment and support allowance.

DLA is being phased out and replaced by PIP
Was it MENSA you were thinking of?
Then fifty years ago my first dog, there is a very funny story. She was a five month old puppy and she was a birthday present for me. At supper time the first night she was with us, we had tea and toast. A tray of plates and the tea pot was brought into the living room. Next thing we heard there was...
A word of caution, he may one day believe for some reason that you are also against him.

He may never recover, to be honest.
A month or so ago, a letter was wrongly delivered to my address. My number and my block address but not my name and not my post code. It was from my county council, the direct line phone number was visible through the window, so I rang that number but it was pparently a business phone, so wrong numb...
In my experience try are totally slapdash in everything they do.

Letters, phone calls, time of appointments. Nothing is correct and nothing is accurate