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This makes my blood run cold.how could people be so cruel.the most vunerable in society being treated like this is unforgivable.
Aw vicky that is so sad to hear. Caring for 2 adults is so hard as i do grandparents but now im engaging with social services getting more help for them to ease the burden that i had.this forum helped me in the right direction to do this. Have social assessed your parents needs because they can do a...
Thats where i stayed too the campsite at the coast in static caravan.such a concidence lol.lovely place.bless ya in your heels lol. But yes defo geting booked for next year it is defo an escapism to a different realm you do be a different person there are rather the same person but away from your co...
Oh i was meaning getting south of france booked for next year as i have got a deposit paid for a few days in sept to sunny spain :). Defo a break away with no responsibilities and relaxing is a great thing
Just imagining myself there as i was reading all that. But defo on my to do list to get looking into it and booking for hopefully next year.its such a lovely expercience being there and your right defo the unspoilt areas the best it doesnt need new devolpments.
Just reading your stories on south of france whst a lovely place.visited years ago and went to villa france and the mountain villages.its a dream place so relaxing was actually talking about getting back.
Thank you melly i will have a wee look now
I have never had a penny either thats why i am wondering lol.and i have been out of pocket more getting taxis to and from their house and paying for a massage fortnightly to destress
Amanda can u explain to me what direct payment is .its just i have been caring 5 years and altho it was written it my grannys care plan direct payments to be discussed with me they never were.
I spoke to social worker about 4 today she agreed she is strongly putting it to them thats what the conquenses will be if care company pulls out. Dreadful scenario but i knew they would be stubborn to care workers although its only to certain ones they get on well with older ones but young ones dont...