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Thats great yous have all the equipment and bed and have been down the route of deticaians.its a sad situation with her being so young.would you not consider personal carers coming in to give u a bit of a break from doing all that care
At this time i dont think its too important on getting her weighed best thing is getting her bed and support. Does she have personal carers coming into wash her etc..and has she been refreed onto community detician.defo think you need more support services to help you and your mum
Im not sure then sorry.im sure they would be very expensive too but as its needed needs to be got
Aw right.i wouldnt no where to begin then getting equipment personally. I have always just went through the occuptional therapist for grandmother as was very good making sure it was the right stuff for height weight etc. Sorry i cant be more of a help
Can u get the gp to refer her to occuptaional therapist who will do a assesment at home with your mum and help provide equipment.
Thats so sad the doctor telling him that.having that in his head on his mind.
U should lose weight ..even tho at 10 amd half stone didnt want too lol and viral infection diagnosis for everything lol
As its round the clock care 24/7 this will be very hard for you think let alone do jobsearching. It would be better letting them know of your caring situation.are your parents in receipt of attendance allowance or disabilty benefit that will enable you to claim a carers allowance. It would be a good...
Aw bless you coping with both parents illness.so sorry to hear that. I do think it would be a wise idea to tell them your full time caring as looking for a job and starting a job on top of looking after your parents will be alot stress on top of you. Do u get any outside help with your parents care ...
Thats is sad to see as they should be there to help and support you.fortunately i havent had that experience looking after my granny and caring for granda the social worker and professionals have been so nice and always say your doing a great job giving such good support to your grandparents.think i...