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My Brother is 78 with Learning Disability. My Mother was 17 when she had him and looked after him all her life until she died at 86. My husband and I took over his care until my husband died a year later, I had an awful job getting any help as he had seemed to slip through the system. Anyway after m...
Thanks SusieQ Have looked at the link and also phoned up the Financial Department and they said No it was not included, spoke to three people Phew relief would have been in financial difficulty if they did :)
Hi Does having carers allowance affect the caree's financial assessment for help with care services? It says on the letter about carer's allowance does this only apply if he is claiming carer's allowance for someone else or for the carer's allowance i receive for looking after him?
If you have a relative aged over 60, or a disabled relative who still lives in
the property, the property would also be disregarded for as long as that
relative, or relatives, were living there.

I wonder if relative over 60 will be changed to 66 with the new pension ages?
Just found this in local paper no good for me I sound like a cat being strangled :)
http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/1 ... cial_choir_/
Lovely poem from Ethelwulf On Gransnet Forum (Used with her permission) Regrets? I wrote this poem which sums up my philosophy about them... Spilt Milk We all have things we’ve done in life, that cause us some regret, Those sometimes painful memories, we try hard to forget, We wish we could go back ...
I had a cat flap put in my new upvc back door when I had it fitted. It had a lock on it so you could keep the cat in, I used it to stop the neighbours cat bullying my cats whilst they were eating. he beat the hell out of it and broke it off its hinges :)
I have had this with Hospital and Social Workers they have insisted to ask A questions (75 with severe learning disabilities). I have told them he does not understand so I just shrug my shoulders say carry on then, they soon give up and ask me to help lol!!! :D
Hi Lo I know the feeling about not feeling one of the family. I tend to withdraw too (only way to cope). I knew I wasn't considered family when I mentioned to my Nephew that I got travel sick, his reply My Family don't suffer with that (I am his bloody Aunt is that not family?) :)