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Hi BB I have the same with A he can dress but not appropriate to the weather T shirt in freezing weather thick sweatshirt in all the summer heat we had. Glad you pointed it out as I would have said he could dress himself Thank you :)
Now to phone HMRC and find out tax situation
Thank you very much for all your help this is the reply from Carers uk advice Thank you for your email enquiry to Carers UK. Any private or occupational pension payments that you receive (whether as a lump sum, a weekly amount, or both) will not affect your Carer’s Allowance. This is because you are...
Hi Jenny Thanks these were the concerns I was having I will get it checked out and post what they say :)
Thanks all very complicated
Hi I would like to draw down the 25% tax free amount on a small pension pot that I have or even the whole sum as a weekly pension would be negliable. I am 59 years of age. How will this income be assessed in respect of my carers allowance? Thanks
My Brother is 78 with Learning Disability. My Mother was 17 when she had him and looked after him all her life until she died at 86. My husband and I took over his care until my husband died a year later, I had an awful job getting any help as he had seemed to slip through the system. Anyway after m...
Thanks SusieQ Have looked at the link and also phoned up the Financial Department and they said No it was not included, spoke to three people Phew relief would have been in financial difficulty if they did :)
Hi Does having carers allowance affect the caree's financial assessment for help with care services? It says on the letter about carer's allowance does this only apply if he is claiming carer's allowance for someone else or for the carer's allowance i receive for looking after him?