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I have a 78 year old brother with LD he lives with me I am 60 so to make it work I would have to go into isolation as well. I will end up behind bars if I have to be with him all the time if he does not go to his Day Centre which will probably be closed anyway :(
Me too
If Labour wins the election JC has said he will compensate the 50's Woman for their pension. How would this effect Carer's Allowance as I know it stops when you receive pension? Would you not be able to get Carer's Allowance if you get Compensation and how would it effect Carers NI Credits?
Thanks I was thinking about those amounts. Love my nephew very much, we saw him fight for his life when born prematurely at 6 months and he defied all the odds despite having Cerebral Palsy. He has turned into a fine young man. Mum never said but I feel it is what she would have wanted.
Hi my nephew is coming over from Australia to get married here, I was going to give him money how much is a reasonable amount to give a relative on marriage? Also My Mum died some years ago and I would like to give him some from his Gran as she would have wanted this thanks
Hi George I have just found your thread I am 60 now and this could be my story. My Mum died 10 years ago and left me to pick up the pieces (Only other Brother in Australia) From a young age she made it clear A was not going into a home (mainly because she feared abuse) and that was what I was here f...
Hi I am a carer for my Brother (he is 77 with severe learning Disabilities) I had a terrible time getting any help as he had slipped through the net. LD team did not want to know as he was over 65 Adult Services did not want to know as he had Learning Disabilities Bowling Bun helped me a lot many th...
Hi Just seen your reply Sorry to hear you are struggling
Hi BB Have you got Power of Attorney for M? When I started to care for A I was told I could not as he didn't have mental Capacity to agree to it. Last year at a review I was advised deputy ship. Last week at a review I was told to think about POA when I said he didn't have capacity she said that had...