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Hi No he does not have £23000 in savings my name is on the deeds of house. He is being lovely in the Care Home got told they couldn't see what the problem was :) Ha Ha wait a few days they will find out
How do I get an advocate as I am totally confused which I think is their aim
Well I am having a pass the parcel with my brother. Social services have told me to phone a number for CHC as since the hospital released him for rehab it is up to them, the hospital have already told me he has not got health but social needs it is up to social services. He was passed to social serv...
Thanks BB for your help I feel better about outcome today :)
Hi can I have a rant please. My brother had a fall a week ago Saturday he got taking to Hospital where after a scan was told he had broken/fractured a small bone in his neck. They were going to discharge him but I said no way it was an unsafe discharge, anyway next day I was called as they could not...
Dorset was almost Covid free, but I predict that the figures will change rapidly in the next 14 days, thanks to all the idiots that came to Bournemouth yesterday and today. I'm only just over the border in rural Hampshire, so felt fairly safe. Not any more! I live round the next road to your son an...
A has not had any service charges taken from the bank since April. I was worried about this and asked his day centre. They got back to me after phoning finance Dept to say if the service was unavailable you are not expected to pay
I was just about to ask that my brother is 78 with L D but no other health problems no letter to say he is vulnerable BUT he would be a danger to himself and other people as he insists on hugging everyone
I had fun with a Social Worker she insisted my brother with LD had mental capacity to answer questions himself, I said carry on and walked into another room lol!!! within five minutes she came for help as she couldn't make him understand :)
Well Day 4 complete meltdown from A because he thinks he should be back at centre :(