Another example that I can give of when a psychiatrist possibly breached Patient Confidentiality, was when he wanted my partner to come into hospital. She ran out of his outpatient consulting room and ran off. I was waiting outside in the waiting room. He came out and spoke to me in a very public pl...
I qualify and get PIP.

The CAB helped me fill the form in. and then a Health professional visited me in my home and asked me a lot of questions. I liked the person, I think she was very understanding of my medical condition.

I think she could see that I was genuine.
Have you seen the Children with Disabilities team of Social services yet. Ask him to be put on their Register.
Will he be what they call a self funder Because otherwise social services can put all sorts of obstacles in the way, in my experience
While on the subject of Guide Dogs, there is an issue with some taxi drivers refusing to let Guide Dogs in their cars.
It doesn't sound awful at all.

You really do need more "ME" time
It has been known for Social Workers to put unfair and unreasonable pressure on relatives.

I have been "bullied" and told inaccurate things by a social worker myself.
It confuses me when they deploy the argument about Patient Confidentiality, because it is counter productive to the Well being of the whole family, in my experience.

How can you care for a person when you are never told what to do to help?