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A similar thing. but on a hospital visit happened when my Aunt had to go for an X ray to the hospital. Aunt had Dementia and was living in a home. I met her in X ray dept reception area. The receptionist did not realise how to cope with someone with dementia and told me I could go to the nearby café...
I know several months have now elapsed. HOw did it resolve itself
what annoys me is the DUAL fuel discount.

I only have Electricity. And the village down the road does not have a gas supply.

People should get a SINGLE fuel BONUS I say
Things have probably changed over the last ten years, but one problem I had was that my two aunties lived on Merseyside and I lived in North Wales and travelled the 45 miles or so several times a week. Sefton Borough Council sent me to a Voluntary Sector organisation for the Carers Assessment. I was...
You could throw back to social services an argument that they (social workers) sometimes use to try to "twist relatives arms" You could say "Can you guarantee my health safety and welfare please" Often they expect relatives to be able to cope without giving the relatives accurate and honest informat...
In my experience, some of the grass roots practitioners, Social Workers, CPNs, Educational Social workers, can be slow to adjust to new Acts. A SW helping my two aunties, about ten years ago now, was still quoting the National Assistance Act 1948. and when I asked her for a Carers Assessment for mys...
I may be digressing here. if so I apologise. When my Auntie ( my mums sister) was in hospital, I asked the ward to contact the Hospital Chaplain who came to my aunts bedside . Even though my aunt appeared to be in a coma, I feel that his words and blessing got through to her. I hope this helps you.
Look up the name and phone number of your local councillor, and ask him or her to accompany you to the meeting with Social services.
PS. Go to your library and ask for the latest version of the application form.

Some DWP benefits give you an automatic right to a blue badge.

Or look at your County or City web site. which will be in the format eg www.liverpool.gov.uk or

In some Counties now, they have brought in a Temporary category for eligibility. Say for example someone has had a Stroke of which there are many different degrees of severity. You can apply for a blue badge, and you need a statement from a medical person to certify your level of disability.