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Alternatively, your Library Reference Section may have Child Poverty Action Group manuals on all benefits, like an Encyclopedia of all DWP benefits. Or the DWP itself have published a book with all benefits listed.

I am told that the CAB website also has a guide to all benefits.
You should qualify for "Home Responsibilities Credits" on your National Insurance (NI) contributions.

If they still do that? which I think they do.
I am age 67 now. And I honestly contemplate, as I get older, of refusing to talk to Social Services. The reason being that when I was in Hospital about ten years ago with Bells Palsy for about 4 to 5 days they SS never made successful contact with me. I suspect that they may have telephoned me while...
Talking about Referrals to Social Services, I have found that Health professionals are reluctant or for some other reason fail to advise patients and family to Social Services.

There is supposed to be Early Intervention but I have yet to see any evidence of this.
Ask for an appointment with the Disability Specialist Adviser at the Job Centre for you to attend with your son.

Or book an appointment at CAB
I think I have seen a call button which is strapped to the wrist like a wrist watch.

I will ask someone tomorrow.
You get awarded points in a number of categories of performance, then they total up all the points, and
at certain number of points you get awarded PIP
My children never knew my mum or dad. But my daughter was born on the same day. possibly even the same hour as the husband of one of the aunties passed away. So that daughter had a special relationship
with the auntie.
Am I right in thinking that ESA under WRAG terminates after 12 months?

Have you considered how your partner will get any income if the ESA comes to an end?
Both my aunties have now passed on, a number of years ago now, so it isn't like I am recently bereaved. But my mum passed away 40 years ago. I just think that it was less emotionally challenging somehow caring for an aunt than it would have been with my mum. I don't know where I am going with this, ...