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A good analogy there. :!:

Do you remember that song from 50 years ago, Little Boxes
My council until recently had a Welfare Rights Unit. Just before I reached age 65 a social worker told me that she thought I may be eligible to get PIP. and she would make a referral to the Welfare Rights Unit for me. After about 7 or 8 weeks I decided to visit the SS office which housed the Unit. T...
Quite often, at the point of a medical problem being identified, either by a Nurse or by a Doctor, the nearest relative is not given the true story, or even any story whatsoever. The medical professionals are not consistent either, and they are not always accurate. One occaision I was told "this is ...
There is a difference between dementia and Alziemers ( I can never get the spelling right )

It broke my uncles heart when his wife had Alziemers, She was very abusive to him and even though he wanted to, he just could not manage with her at home.
I used to be on Incapacity Benefit for many years. I am now over 65 and get State Pension. But the transition from Incapacity Ben to ESA was a minefield of bad practice from the DWP. Finally, just short of four months of my 65th birthday I saw an extremely helpful ATOS Doctor. Shortly thereafter I g...
The decision maker of DWP tend not to sign their names to letters any more, in my experience.
It looks as though, possibly, a letter from them DWP has gone astray in the post..
Look at the detailed notification of the decision, and the breakdown of points awarded in each category.

What particular category has now got less points than it previously got, do you know?
could it be Alzeimers?

As experience in my family indicates that there can be very aggressive and beligerant behaviour with Alziemers.