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Hi ,didn't realise this was fiction . If I ever finish it and if I ever post it on here, and if you are kind enough to read it, you will see it is fiction - involves the past, the intrigues of the internet, a chap called Richard Malabrise who really existed in medieval York and lots of other stuff ...
Henrietta wrote:
Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:56 pm
Good to see you back Mary- you have been missed. Celebrate the small triumphs.
Thank you my dear. small triumphs are what matters - even if they get smaller and smaller :dry:
Sometimes I have days when I think "the world will have to manage without me today" and I deliberately do as little as possible because I get depressed when I'm tired, mentally and/or physically. I know you can't do that as I can when my son isn't here, but do ask yourself if what you are doing is ...
david c wrote:
Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:28 am
Bit harsh on us benefit scroungers don't you think?.
Not at all - I spent many years on benefits myself - and look like having to go back on them...... just the opinion of the character - and perhaps she is not very nice.
thank you one and all - I had felt a little defeated when I returned, as some good folks said I might -
it seems 'our' real life is not everyone else's 'real life' !!!
ah but we get on with it!! thank you again xx
not entirely :roll:

I will post another chapter sometime.... she does fall in love, but he is unsuitable, really unsuitable...
The strategy that finally worked was in conjunction with the very pleasant male carer that comes here twice a week. I told him last Friday that the poor ould fella would not shower because he was worried that his stoma bag would come off.. .. and he had not had a shower for nearly 2 months.... Carer...
Of Bonnags and Cream Teas Chapter One Balancing the small cardboard box on one arm, and pushing my rain sodden hair out of my eyes, I pushed the car door to with one foot, and tried to dash across the car park without getting drenched. Not that it mattered, no one at work would notice whether I was...
OMG! out of the frying pan and into the fire He went to his daughters, I went to my family up north. I came back on Wednesday and he came back on Thursday. Refreshed????? Not a bit of it He has come back totally depressed, on top of the dementia, on top of the stoma, on top of everything. The docto...
like that about Sainsbury's - very funny