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Hi Carrie Just to say know where you coming from, got my mum into respite wednesday and longer they keep her the better as far as I'm concerned. :whistle: One bit advice I would say is try to maintain toehold in employment. My little job (up to 16hrs a month) is hardly worth it financially (tops up ...
Whatho peeps My caree been 'press-ganged' into a 10 day respite stay at local care facility. Hurrah! :whistle: Have calculated that with this stay be (just) over four weeks in 26 weeks limit for breaks, combined with my respite breaks in last six months. (Since its well under 28 days don't see that ...
'Money doesn't bring happiness but you can miserable in comfort'

I am struggling find anyone who will take my mum on for personal care. Money is NOT always the issue.
Is it bad that I continually threaten/'joke' to my mum that i'll 'do a windrush' on her (no such luck as naturalised in '79).... :whistle:
Genuinely delighted to hear you will still be contributing Jenny - who would I have to moan about then?! :whistle: ;)

I am sure you're late husband would been v proud of how you looked after your MIL.

I feel the question here is duty of care. Should you give up encouraging your dad to move how does this fit in with duty of care. And I mean for you, personally? In terms of practical solutions, I find having paid carers to help with rousing makes an enormous difference, even if one assists them at ...
Sorry, but going take exception to a post on this thread. 1) Why look after one's MIL? Cos she family. Simples. (Only thing tried to maintain from my marriage was seeing my ex-MIL rest them go to helll in handcart as far as I concerned) 2) OP has gone to considerable trouble to 'bust' MIL out of a h...
Not sure if of much comfort (straw clutching even) but note CA not specifically included in list of benefits falls in benefit fraud policy remit?! Says list is not exhaustive but seems pretty surprising omission given some of other benefits included?

:lol: @ last comment!
Whatho peeps Annoying habits of our carees. For me, leaving tv blaring after going bed while conversely switched things off at socket (including main freezer earlier in year) but worst of all 'dousing' fire with ash. Just why? :-??? This has happened yet again this afternoon so refusing relight it t...