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Is his cognitive ability more or less intact? If so i'd give him an ultimatum - wear hearing aid or you'll start divorce proceedings. Obviously want keep yourself safe so I'd have a friend or relative around while doing this.
I don't think anyone is being hoodwinked here, Chris. CA definitely not kept up with inflation. But 73.10 is better than 64.60 any (day of the) week!
Definitely go down Mandatory Reconsideration path if that possible. Letter should state whether this is (likely) or not (unlikely). This will allow you some breathing space while you get advice elsewhere. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/challenge-a-decision-made-by-the-department-for-work...
My situation is different (only child, mum 68) yet commonalities in our respective situations (esp needing alone time to recharge) greatly outweigh differences. I have found this forum a source of mutual support and think you will too. Sure others be along soon but just thought say hi and welcome.
Am genuinely torn about reporting to CQC equivalent here in Scotland, BB (!). Did threaten home manager that i'd do so bout yesterday's incident as told her found her explanation (basically as per other thread respondents) unsatisfactory. However hearing their take on it led me to shy away from that...
Thanks to both respondents for their comments, very sound points. I buttonholed the manager on my way in to visit and I note that I was notified immediately and that there was significant degree of provocation on my mum's part. However, when went up to wing I witnessed another lady throwing glass wa...
I'd stop the cheque personally, and say you will be happy to agree a reasonable payment plan to pay off the excess over certain period, such as a year.

Had phone call from care home where my mum in respite. Apparently another resident threw hot custard on her at lunch. Fortunately not badly scalded.

Any thoughts?
Supposed to get letters in advance of payment but I not got that, intend calling tomorrow as believe 14th is proposed payday.
Worth speaking to pharmacist? Have been in exactly same situ as the OP and moaned to duty pharmacist and they've sorted it out. They get a lot of money if you use them so play on that.