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Hi, I haven't posted for a while. As mentioned before I look after my mum who I have poa for financial and health. Her husband (ie not my father who died 42 years ago), died Xmas time. I was the executor with everything going to mum.When mum received the inheritance from the solicitor last month, I ...
Yesterday I rang 111 on behalf of my mum who I look after 6hrs later the gp came.my girlfriend who lives 18mile away had to call 111 for herself only had an hr wait. So frustrating system
Hi.My stepfather is at Kent and Canterbury hospital. The sister mentioned that when he 's eventually discharged he'll have care package plan 3,as I'm full time carer for my mum. She had to dash off, so I couldn't, find out it exactly means. How do I find out? Thank you in advance
Hi. I've p o. a for my mum.
You're correct. With p o a you are that person and can obtain as much information as you want.
Hi. I'm a full time carer for mum. My stepfather is now in hospital with various ailments, one short term memory loss. I've poa for mum, but nothing in place for him. The house is in mum,s name only and separate bank accounts. I've stated on numerous occasions to the hospital I cannot look after 2 s...
Hi Stephen. My mum had a stroke in May 2015.Back home since last April 2016. And I'm her full time carer. she eats and drinks well, but find things hard sometimes. Each person is different
Just touching base at the moment. Mum the higher rate of attendance allowance, would it be possible for my stepfather to claim. I do his laundry, collect his medication, cook meals for the 3 of us. He is mobile, but doesn't do much. Thank you
Hi Bowlingbun, thank you for your response. Yes mum receives attendance allowance, the higher rate and that's it. She had a stroke May 2015and been home since April 2016. I have power of attorney for mum for both health and wealth. We had a lovely lady from Age uk who soon visited after mum came hom...
Thank you Stephen
Hi. Thank you for your response.Yes mum has a lifeline