I'm a survivor and a fixer.

Loads of people come to me for support. I'm exhausted and doing very little for me at the moment. The people that I have supported are still coming to me for even more support and are offended when I have to say no.
Thank you so much.

Dad has improved. He's obviously very ill. He's not speaking to me unless he's rude. The nurse said to me as I left today you have amazing patience.

I don't know where we are going from here.
Thank you so much - you all are wonderful people. I've been rampaging round and have finally started the process of getting better care for my Dad. He's not really happy with me. The local hospice have started visiting him and he really likes them. Unfortunately his health took a turn for the worse....
Of course his GP doesn't visit him. I've given up trying to get them to visit.

Thank you so much for your advice. I'll definitely take it. xxx
I've managed to get a referal to the local hospice. But nothing's in place yet. I think that it may be too late. They have been to see him this week. He has cancer. I don't want to dial 999 or call anyone it is against his wishes. I'm going to get the leaflet the hopice nurse left for me there may b...
My Dad is really ill. He won't let me get help. He's currently lying in bed. I can't move him to make him more comfortable. I can't get him up to get to the toilet. He's being sick and repeatedly making heaving noises. He's shouted at me to "clear off".

This is just horrible
I was wondering how you are getting on?
Thank you.

I appreciate all of your suggestions - they are very helpful.

I guess I'll just have to sit it out :D
Thank you everyone for your replies.

I agree with everything that everyone has said.

I'm happy for my parent's to make their own choices. It's just horribly sad to watch.

I am concerned that it might be suggested that I have neglected them when actually I've given up a lot to support them.