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Nissan Juke
Hi I'm a newbie as well although joined 2016 never really been on I will now make more effort
I got my letter this morning, it says the payment was made on 27th September and I should have it in the next two weeks. I live in Edinburgh. It is a Fife holiday today so maybe Fife tomorrow? but hey "payment made 27th and you should get next two weeks " come on that is not funny. Who else feels l...
I received my letter yesterday. My payment was authorised on the 18th September and I was told I'd receive it within two weeks. When I phoned up to ask earlier, I was told it was a geographical rollout and that each region would be dealt with separately. And what is a geographical rollout it should...
David_18091 wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:28 am

Has anyone had there first payment of £221 for carers allowance supplement in Scotland? Letters have been getting sent out from 10th September but I have not had anything yet?
Me neither David
Karen_1810 wrote:
Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:50 am
I live in Fife and yet have to receive any letter. Anybody else? Regards Karen
Hey Karen I'm Fife and I haven't had either beginning to think I'm not worthy. It really is getting me down.
Thank you everyone, have I got help, well no, he isn't really that bad. Well he is the sundowning, the watching and recently the 3 times a night to the loo. I try and get my stepdaughter to come and sit with him, but yesterday was the pits. He tried to do some dusting (why because I don't clean the ...
Hi my name is Pat, I gave up work last December to look after OH who has Parkinson's but just recently he is getting worse.

I would love to write more just onw but he is watching and listening.