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done roast lamb today and invited my friend michelle round as her children where out , must say im a pretty damn good cook and it smelt great!

she liked being cooked for and it was nice to cook for an adult that appretiated it!
Though she always looks wonderful to me http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif and its comments like that is why i luvs ya!i dont do it when im going out although got the dr martins on with pyjamas to break them in some more (cropped PJ bottoms, pink vest, purple and black stripey knee high ...
<t>ive got a long time of pushing a wheelchair/dissability buggy and always kicking it so i thought rahter than keep spending a tenner on cheaper boots every couple of months just get a pair of dr martins! i love them! <br/> And too right u got years left in ya then go for it! even if u dont but<br/...
<t>i was told for a long time- just be yourself i will love u BUT change ........ and a long list<br/> <br/> well since being single with the girlies i have been just me<br/> i didnt realise how much so until a txt convo<br/> <br/> i dress how i want, i wear make up because lazydaisy told me when i ...
hands up i give up
i am good on computers but this new site is now far too baffling!
after the stress of changing email and my account getting temparly deactivated i dont think i can take much more!
awwww hoglets! that such a cute name! U r not moaning, simply airing your thoughts http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif and we are human, and im sure most of the non-carers we know (the ones with the nice house, new clothes, eat proper meals all the time, give us the pity look ect) find i...
id love to know wot a full night of sleep is!

my back hurts
i get head aches
i have ibs from eating rubbish to keep me going
and i get very irratable

apart from that im fine and dandy!
this is the pic id like to have as my avatar but ive tried a lot to upload it and cant
<t>i like to walk pass some one and say " TAGYOUR IT" and peg it with the girls, there was an old chap who got me back lol<br/> <br/> Shout something really random but look serious SPRINGY MONKEY is rather good<br/> <br/> when the person near u in the shop answer their phone and say hello- say hello...
i think poor chrissy nearly fainted!
amys face was so HUGE! lol lol lol