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love ya meg! xxxx
thanks for the idea!to do thatmay have to do that afr the ex has wiped the floor with me in court again next month Image

is it the tunnels in wouldham?
minnie it looks like fort amhurst
doubt it is, or down dover in the war time tunnels

and rob grab us next time Image fank u kindly in advance (live polsden lacey and thats very pwetty!)
ive seen it on tv- did u go in? i wpuld love to see the staircase decorated with shells

when u next go grab me and the girls enroute (jnt 9 m25 ) please!
<t>because of my mum being so pally with my ex and telling him everything i told her not to conscider mea s her daughter any more, that i loved her and was sorry but i cant handle all this.- ..<br/> i wrote to her to tell her how well amy and cerys r doing , i feel like shes choses HIM over amy, cer...
now being not so rolling in pennies i started putting food away for christmas for me and the girls, pack of mince pies/ biccies/cakes ect a thing each week with the shopping BUT I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!! i tried stollen for the first time and got a very small cheap one (£1.50 sainsburys) and now i want...
welcome to the family!!!!!
love it!
alli i can think is a la ronde as well

minnie u need to find one now coz if we agree and robs not correcting u take it that u r right Image
<t>a very good friend of mine is a DN,, she said that the DN should have come straight out, with as many different sizes as poss, and just got on with it.. being left is just wrong and dangerous. she often goes out almost blindly to help people and she gets on with it. Never would she let this sort ...