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Welcome to the site!

yippeee another fighter!!

this is why we are all tiered,, caring all day and fighting for a better life, not fair is it
<t>pixie nubbins aka Rin said... <br/> i think that across the country carers should get free public transport,, many of us can not afford a car or in my case the lessons to even think about a car!<br/> <br/> WE need help on this matter <br/> <br/> and <br/> its about time a councellor OR MP had the...
http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/ above is a link i have found to petion downing street,, i do not mind submitting a petition for carers but as have not been on the site very long maybe better comming from a longer existing member. once the petition is set up and we have a link we can email it to every o...
<t>do ya know wot,, im 25 yrs old and already nothing this governemnt do supprises me when it comes to complete and utter twaddle.<br/> <br/> guy fakes had the right idea i think ,, please note though i am not about to go and blow up parliment and i dont agree with all this terrorism malarkey, but h...
linda,, for once yer gonna feel normal! Image i dont feel so "odd one out" since finding this forum!
<t>OK,, so i cant work as Amy is in and ouit of hospital,, i did work a few monhs ago and was asked to leave as i have at least 2 days off a month to take her,, and this wasnt good for them<br/> As much as i would love to work with people and get out I am now trying to get a job from home on a part ...
http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif u cant tell my dad he was a carer either! he was being a good son! but then i argue that im just being a mum somtimes and im no different from all the other mums with their flashy cars and nice brand new clothes,, ok i have no car and charity shop clothes...
Welcome to the site!

im fairly new as well and every one is lovely on here!

have a lil one starting school on the 12th,, she cant wait!
Image i have Image
we are going away saturday so will take my bent toilet seat with us!
i found witch hazel is good for that as well,, same thing slap it on,, cover it up and then sooooo much easier!

might invest in castor oil though as teenagers use the bottle of witch hazel for their spots!