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<t>he made me proud,,, Alice (ADHD one) and Amy (the wonkey one) loved it and emma the moody 13 yr old forgot she was supposed to be grumpy and rude and loved it!<br/> <br/> <br/> ok he came near the end but who cares its the takingpart and its loads cheaper than a track day! <br/> <br/> have you go...
http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif like me in epsom,, helped a blind man who had got stuck between two benches,, him on one arm pushing the wheel chair http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif and to be told that i had a big heart really made my day,, there where people on the benches...
when im upset i listen to don mclean-- starry starry night. ok im 25 but the older ones are the best,, for some reason it helps me cry and then i feel better. Even though it reminds me of being little and going to the beach onenight with my mum dad and lil sis
call me patriotic but thats brought a tear to my eye

it annoys me to tadoay the lack of repect people even at my age have for the likes of stan.. i wanted to be in the raf to do my bit but being colour blind couldnt.

god bless him and all those like him
<t>my heart goes out to you,, Amy has an abondoment issue and i had this every day at nursery and it broke my hart she used to shout at me i was dumping her , my heart used to rip in two and some days or a week i didnt make her go and tought her writting and reading at home. <br/> <br/> now she cant...
well he done it!

he had a great time and didnt come off!! he started 20th and ended 18th at the end of the day,, not bad for home built bikes ,, was a great day!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait till next time,, kiddies loved it and was not bad for dissabled access either!
my fella has just become a semi professional motorbike racer http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/images/icon_biggrin.gif well he has his first race on sunday at mallory Park if any one is in that sort of area ,, may have a few pennies laying around could be a good watch.. im going to be in the pits doing his...
im going to start a new post on that one Image
i know staci,, amy wants to wear her uniform, dont seem that long ago i was in a hospital with her watchingher sleep in her incubator and now shes a lil person with opnions and ideas of her own,, very rewarding but also very sad. i may need to get a dog when she goes to school!
Image ive signed 4 this morning allready! lol

bombard them with petitions,,, might make them realise we are serious