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i feel for cerys- shes being used and shes a person in her own right.. she has her likes and dislikes and she is stubborn (god knows where she gets that from!) could b a small force to be reconed with in a couple of years!
i get the girls chocolate for christmas and wrap it straight away,, then i dont know which one is choccie and which isnt
yes rob it is

i love it there

had a banbury cake under the banbury cross about 15 yrs ago (and after a drive to stratford we went back and had a kfc by it! lol)

will save the dates and see wot happens in january when i get told i am a bad mother on drugs again
awww meg,
u r loved to bits, u always say summin nice when i feel poop!
they dont like mince pies much either, or chrostmas cake... i better get munching lol
i will have to google a pic coz i lost all mine. not a c i took but a place i have been and will b taking the girls to see
they had a tunnel in scotlandv
i know that much but with out cheating and gooling it i dont know the name of it
pixie threw some stollen at minnie but made sure it was soft bit so it didnt hurt and then went on a rummage for something to munch that tasted better Image
i feel christmasy this year, i have lost family but gained strong friendships i have no money but have bargan hunted and brought out of love not to keep up wigth the joneses or t stop other peoples kids moaning they didnt get all the best stuff like others I CANT WAIT! and the stollen wasnt as good ...
the wouldham ones are not military and i only know forts and tunnels in kent (and i think they must all look the same!) but i think theres some smuggler ones in dorking

i finks i will give up minne