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I agree with BowlingBun.
Other road users ( which include small children)have to take priority.
I had 6d a day(except Sunday) when I was little in the 60's and thought it was a wonderful amount of money.
Susie, painting shells with nail varnish.I remember doing that.Lots of fun. Image
<t>[In exactly the same way, being a professional carer is completely different to being the one 'landed' with the caring 24x7. Plus, of course, it's the fact of The Buck Stops Here....that the 'amateur' carer is the one who gets landed with organising everything, adapting to new circumstnces, sorti...
<t>sorry about that Martin. You have not disappointed,it just sounded as though you were a paid care worker, than a Carer.Such a difference. My husband and I are going away to a caravan 80 miles away in a couple of weeks,for four nights,my son's day care manager and her husband and going on a cruise...
<t>I think there is a special topper you can get for memory foam that makes it feel a bit cooler. Surprised that the 400 count cotton sheet didn't help.We have Egyptian cotton which is 400 and I find that lovely and cool.<br/> We have a memory foam mattress, I love it.Last summer I used a fan when t...
welcome to the forum.
Hi Martin.It sounds as though you are a Paid Care Worker,when you talk about people earning every penny.This is a forum for people who are Carers,unpaid.
Penny, I know how you feel.I had a phone call a couple of years ago, about something that I had written to my MP about. She had had my phone number from my MP! I had not been asked by him if he could pass my phone number on.It was not necessary,it could not be resolved over the phone.
Haha, Ben too. He loves football and supports Man Utd,but HATES Chelsea, so much that we have to call it,the "C word!" Can't even say Chelsea buns,Chelsea pensioners or the Chelsea flower show without him losing his temper!
<t>this week in our county there was an autistic young man,who was attacked in a similar way in the street Charles.Ignorant thugs taking photos while others tormented him.<br/> Two young people a week are dying in England due to one chronic illness, Type 1 Diabetes.Diabetes UK also feel it is probab...