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NHS this time ... plans for cutbacks to be kept secret it appears. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-37943379 Further report , again , no apologies for the source : http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-9e0d-NHS-cuts-planned-behind-closed-doors If so , what do they really know that we don't ? Whose in...
Problems as may be gleamed from other newspaper reports. Slight change as it is someone on the other side of the table. With this one , it's the comments section more of interest .... own experiences with each one unique to the author ... always something new , somewhere. No statistical analysis wil...
Nothing really new in this one. One self confessed professional seeking a higher salary despite the work he had to undertake for his crust. For once , some interesting comments towards the bottom from many victims of the system. Grudges a plenty but , there is some interesting information within som...
Age old game of cat and mouse.

The mouse usually has an advantage ... the first move.

Just when the cat is ready to pounce , the mouse is elsewhere.

Now , my mouse has a distinct advantage ... it helps on posting first ... seek and ye shall find ... eventually ?
Most women tend to take more notice of what other women are wearing than men.

There is an ideal punch line to end ... but I can see a yellow card in your pocket ... if you are thinking what I am thinking ??????
Or, given that we now have a commercial arm that is registered as a limited company, why not have an arms-length activist wing that is dedicated to securing justice and a decent income? CarerWatch thread from those days when many of us had something missing some 7 / 8 years on ... hope ! Recommende...
Many charities are like women.

Everytime a different outfit to fit the occasion.

When the inspectors or tax man calls , they will be wearing an outfit to fit the occasion.

Occasionly , a little too daring and it's good morning judge.

Who can guess what a woman is thinking or planning ?
More questions being asked. No excuse for the source , a real bastion for those prefering deep red , not red or any other shade of red , but , on rare occasions , have something worthy to report for thoses in ordinary red and / or black , and occasionly red with a green stripe. https://www.morningst...
For those who follow such matters , one of the easier ones summed up by that well known phrase every amateur gunshoe or deerstalker needs to know ... FOLLOW THE MONEY. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3930982/Shame-poppy-day-profiteers-Charity-banned-crackdown-raised-3million-gave-just-250-00...
Thankfully , no more reports.

So far , just Liverpool LA.