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Hi Nadia, It is, as you say, very difficult to watch a much loved relative or partner struggle, and I'm sure I don't know what the answer is; I too get angry with my mum/life/the world. I think that's part of the reason that caring is so difficult - it can be a strain physically, but I find lately t...
I've been thinking more about this: surely its part of their job remit to include your son in both choosing and preparing his meals? I'm sure they are failing in their job specifications in multiple ways.. So frustrating!!
Hi Sandra, I'm also new - very different circumstances to you, but also feeling at the end of my tether with things. Hope we can find some people to chat and give us some advice/support and also help others a bit.
M. X
BB I would have thought it was a prerequisite of the job to be able to prepare simple, nutritious food? I worked in supported housing before I gave up work, and it was on the job description. Have you had a look at how the "blurb" describes the service offered to its service users? I'm sure it must ...
I'm so sorry for your loss, Marc.
Very sudden; my condolences x
The daft thing is that the idea of personalised care is that everyone involved should be "singing from the same hymn sheet" or whatever that saying is.. Frustrating, because with everyone working together your son could have more freedom to do the things he enjoys and make his own choices, with guid...
I'll be keeping up with great interest..
Its difficult to "take on" these kind of issues, so I salute the fact that you are - let's hope things start to change; not only for your son, but for others in the same situation!
I've found that my taste in reading matter has changed - is - nothing too complicated or with too many characters! I love gruesome true crime books, enjoy some poetry once in a while.. I used to enjoy martina Cole books but they got a bit 'samey'' after the first few. I'm currently reading "no time ...