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Very surprising as the rules are you can earn £120 per week to be able to claim carers allowance.
Simple question really. Simply reading rules (Councils) PA pay is Lower than Carers pay I’m from the old school ‘My PA helping in the office making the tea running errands!) 🤭 But we have moved on from that! Non family PA driving shopping etc AND personal care for someone? Why should that pay be low...
Thank you Bowling Bun
Madness abounds! ‘Take a break’ or whoever might ‘Sit’ Council will not pay by direct payment Family member WHO DOES NOT live with us!! For example 3 hour sit a week x12 hours a month X 52 weeks! If we say approx £16 an hour for the actual agency charge would be £48 per week £2,304........rememberin...
Why is PA pay lower than carer pay? My family member is Pa/ carer does a lot
and deserves payment 🤔
Yes am aware! But not keen on the attitude of how they work
Hampshire have a ‘Take a break’ Service, which works the same as your normal agency Would work, so if you wanted a sitter for someone while yourself (Carer) needs to do something. You would organise. We were introduced to this service ‘Take a break’; when I first saw this Presumed it was help to hav...
Is Attendance Allowance used in Financial assessment for care package?
Also be aware (maybe different depending on home) but if they give you a form to fill out For example "How many pairs of trousers" etc, but when you are bringing some one home You may well have the number of items you checked in but some one else's!! Which is very annoying! Seems pointless getting p...
Thanks Chris, had read that article, but would be handy if council gave out a booklet
to simplify things!