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Was told ‘The take a break’ service of 3 hours a week could only be afternoon only ? Cannot be right,
as informed mornings as well, so seems to me told large fibs?🤔even backed up by ‘Princess Royal trust’ saying the same only afternoon? Why are people seemingly lying about people’s rights? Baffled😌🤔
When I was offered this ‘Take a break’ literally thought was getting a mini holiday!🤗 But was told ‘3 hours a week on a set day of week and only afternoons! Which was no good to me as when possible I like my gym but only want to use in the morning! Or 6 hours once a fortnight! For instance I want to...
Seems that Carer brought her friend telling you a fib. Probably her agency not knowing this.
Contact adult care at your council, they will come out and do an assessment.
Hello Londonbound and Welcome You need to contact Adult care services at your Council They will appoint a Social Worker to make an appointment To see you in your home. Worker
My daughter was stopped from being Pa/Carer last July, still waiting for their response!
as to why.....
Have booked hubby into a Revitalise week in March (currently 50 percent off for the month of March) have contacted adult care for them to finance this.........🤭 in the meantime I have paid as only A few weeks to go, so in this instance all the money is due anyway.....last year when asking if I paid ...
Thank you Bowlingbun for information.
The main annoying problem with booking a care home of YOUR choice is they will only give a week or so notice! Problems we have had ....want to book my holiday 6 months in advance! but care homes will not help in that way😌So Social services have to help with that although you don’t get your choice or...
Well then....i can say ‘Carer’!! Not PA then🤔 not mattering what someone is physically
Doing just that PA is same as Carer! As I can prove doing it myself! No training ! gosh shock horror!🤭
Just needing someone to help! Just saying that’s what the Council states!🤔