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The take a break service, when I made enquiries previously about this Was told only afternoons! which was not suitable for things needing done in the morning! Also sitting ‘Person’ cannot do personal care! ....Ahead recently how things have changed Can/Should be able to have my choice of day 3 hours...
Found a Daycare for hubby £75 a day maybe once a week/fortnightly 9pm to 5pm..... But our LA don’t like! Hence you pay privately😌 ...Yet Councils 3 hour ‘sitting service’! 8 hours a day (one day a week) as against 3 hours once a week.....not rocket science to work out..... Unfortunately LA don’t wan...
To get motability finishes at age 65! ‘as that’s the normal age for people getting ill’ so everyone cannot claim for a car! Only if you get DLA anyway or whatever that’s called! But not available with other benefit
As we were classed as ‘too old’ to claim for motability car: after all everything ‘Supplied’ car, Insurance, Road Tax so only have to put petrol in! So as we had to buy our own wheelchair Car very expensive even several years old! Plus insure, Road tax due for coming year £300! Yet no help even towa...
Mental impairment well a lot barely getting 4 hours sleep a night😒
Stroke wheelchair bound with carer partner
No 25% discount! Band B £1330.00 dropped us down to A band £1,140.00 which is only £195 off .
Bowling Bun. Disability is stroke wheelchair bound
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:40 am

The rates quoted do not correspond to those on the LA's web site for 2019 - 2020.
You have forgotten about ‘Borough ‘ Charges! Hence my figures !
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