It's not good is it. Carers grants in Birmingham have been axed so I sent a quote into Social Care I think they think I'm joking...They've completely ignored it not even responded. Respite...Social worker tried to play off respite was included in my son's package then I got a run down of what had be...
Granny Smith apple coz there's always a Granny in a town and someone by the name of Smith :lol:
Jersey mid potatoes :)
Even though paid carers should cook a meal sometimes only us 'un'paid will do. I'm glad she ate today as that's one less worry for you xx
Colin, I was reading on the FoI web site that Birmingham social care only have under 2000 adults service clients getting direct payments and children's services less than 230. Bearing in mind this is a City with a 1.1 million population that's bad. Proving people aren't getting the help so the quest...
Hi Carole and Ian also,
It's normal to feel isolated as a carer. I'm okay because I've done it so long it's all I've known all of my adult life. I am lucky as I've had a lot to occupy me during my life. Even so, I get days where I feel alone with it all. I think everyone who's a carer does really.
Did they feed your caree?
I had to stay with my son day and night for a month in hospital and a month later for 2 weeks. He had Osteomyelitis and they couldn't manage him as he needed 24/7 care. I slept on the same bed as him during his stay. It was even difficult to get something to eat each day as I couldn't leave him.
Colin_1705 wrote:Have you seen the whatdotheyknow web site?

You can see a whole range of FoI requests and answers, very illuminating
I will check that out. Thanks, Colin xx
Social Care?...False advertising springs to mind.Where is the Social part or the care part. I'm getting some interesting information off Freedom of information, for example, the area I'm dealing with upheld no complaints about the services in the last year? The sooner Social Care as a 'service'(If y...