Every carer needs 'me time' you know short bursts doing something not to do with caring. I went to the hairdresser t'other day and now I'm almost human again. What do you do on these mini time outs? Do you get time out?
Every time I read this thread why are social workers so vilified I die laughing choking on my cup of tea...Why is this I wonder?
I found this when my son was in hospital. They ruined his blanket so I always washed his stuff weekly myself while he was in there.
I think it's against the Law not to allow workers time off.
Oh boy, Chris, I think you know this one's my specialty. I have already got my teeth into this.They are starting to sweat now.
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Birmingham City Council really is disgusting. I am a carer and they don't even provide a carers grant for a break away and now they have taken to leaving everyone's household garbage in the streets uncollected for almost 5 weeks in this second City. Causing giant rats to come and maggot infestations...
Advocacy Matters is good but their funding has been cut a while ago...I wonder why? Very hard to get one from there now.
VoiceAbility are rubbish Chris. They came out take time up and tell you to DIY and don't support or keep in contact...all for the services.
I've been totally ignored several times asking for an advocate by social care this year. I guess they are scared to allocate me one these days as they probably know I can do it on my own. It's just difficult when I haven't got the time and they ignore. It's only a matter of time before SS have to pu...