Check out the annual Christmas card we receive from the Government : Hasn't changed for a decade or more , they bought a job lot of 50 ! Looks as if some of the images have fade... A carer sympathiser tries to make our case heard ? As for our carees , 2017 will be an interesting year.
I am currently dying laughing creasing up with my little mint balls.. @ the moderator. Good one!!
Word got around of our windfall. Monday morning , a visit. Whistle went , all out in the gloom to the exercise yard. Lined up in ranks. Black 6 wheeled mercedes arrives. Out goose stepping comes the DWP boss in long black leather coat , closely followed by two clowns in their daily uniforms , his h...
More money on that table than we collected from visiting Japanese tourists , and their cameras , when visiting the latest attraction , zombies , 'ere in the Worksop Gulag over the weekend ? HAHA, I just put Dolly Bird outside with a begging bowl...She seems to have the knack here in Aussie...Fair d...
Chris From The Gulag wrote:Flexed my avatar's whiskers in reply to that one ?
Jeez, and I missed it...must be the brill cream lol
and this one is Dolly Bird aged 4 playing monopoly.
This is one of my cats his name is ElVestaenaenamooow. He's 18 Years old on 1 May.
Chris From The Gulag wrote:Takes a little footie savvy and known Green Light habitat to get that one ?

It will come ... the right place for all fellow carer inmates !
I have never scored a home goal yet Chris coz I'm a clever cat :ugeek:
Chris From The Gulag wrote:A bit hit or miss at times ... magpie up first time , a black cat takes patience ... even if that is a straight yellow card for some ????
I only do red cards :lol: Nothing in between Chris